Welcome. It is my intention to assist you in your awakening. To gently nudge you into seeing our existence from a new perspective, to just be. I would ask you to go to your heart and listen to the feelings that it sends to your mind. Our creator has made us in his form, not in the physical sense, but from the perspective of the love and light that we carry within our spiritual hearts. It does not matter what name we give our creator or what religion we have. We are God in form.

Some of you may be familiar with the subject before you and to others it may be new. If you are unfamiliar with this terrain I will take your hand and we can walk together. I am referring to the shift or 2012. We are in the midst of great change. Evolution has always taken giant strides from time to time and this one is called The Precession of the Equinox, when all of the planets align and the universe is set to raise in consciousness. What does this mean? Living in the heart and loving and respecting all sentient beings, including mother earth, her inhabitants, large and small, the creatures, the insects, the birds, the animals. It means taking responsibility for yourself, your thoughts, your actions, harming none. To live from the heart and to know that we are all equal, to forgive, for all of life is a lesson. To live and be present in the moment. To fill our heart with joy and to share this joy, to love one another, not just some, but all as family. This is but one of our journeys. There have been many and there will be many more. Lighten up, start the love now!

Although it may appear that the world is in complete chaos, all is as it should be. Remember it is always darkest before the dawn. The dawn is fast approaching as we are entering the window of wonderful change and enlightenment. Our spiritual hearts and souls know this. We must trust and live through our spiritual hearts, letting them lead the way. The world as we have known or thought we have known is changing as we speak, as are we. Look around, mother earth is taking care of herself in a very definitive way. All who are on planet earth at this time should have noticed. I am talking about the weather, the oceans, the earth quakes, etc. I am talking about the conflicts that are escalating in the east and here in the US. We are all a part of this change and all is in Divine order. Our souls know, we know this. Relax, take a breath. It is all good.

I would like to take this time to introduce myself to those who are familiar with energy healing and to those who are not. I use hands on healing when I am requested to do so and will send energy healing to those loved ones or others who may require it. For some of you, healing at such a distance may seem strange and a little odd but please be assured it is part of the big plan and by part of the big plan, I mean our creator's plan, not mine. I just work here, as a friend of mine says so often. It is my intent to open your eyes, but of more importance to open your heart so that you may see from a different perspective. I'm glad you came for a visit. I hope that some of the things I have written will resonate with you and you will feel them in your spiritual heart. Some times it takes a while for new concepts to enter our psyche. If you can read and allow some of these new ideas to just sit for a while and visit with you.

For those of you who have had a loved one to pass or know someone who has lost a loved one or animal friend into the non-physical, please read my blogs on Grief.

Thank you, Love and Light, Sherri

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Spread Your Wings

     I have been quiet for a while. We are well into the wonderful shift that is about to effect all of us here on our dear sweet Mother Earth. There is a part of me that is so excited that I can barely maintain my composure and there is another part of me that is enjoying every sacred moment of this life, looking at it and treasuring it.
    Of course I want all of us to come along on this most beautiful journey.That is what motivates me to write. It is to inspire you to look at our life, your life and see all of it for the beauty, the wonderment, the joy that we are capable of bringing into our lives. We are the co-creators in this life. It has always been this way, but we were so busy looking at what we were receiving in life that we couldn't see the forest for the trees. We didn't realize that we were steering the ship.
     I am not saying it is always easy to see that we, as a society have been asleep for a long while. You have to be willing to let go of a few things, like those old beliefs that may have you captured without you even knowing it. I do promise you that you will not regret letting go and realizing that you are Source Energy.That you are at your core a most divine being that has chosen to focus a part of your consciousness here in this life. It is only one of many. The other lives are being lived out as we speak. We refer to them as past lives or future lives, but in reality, it is neither. All is happening in the now. Can you dig it?
     For me I had to let go of the belief that I was just this Sherri person. I had to let go of the guilt and the feeling of not being worthy of being God in form. It is what we have done to ourselves by internalizing the beliefs of others. When we feel bad about something someone has said or something we have done, it is because our inner guidance system is working and it is that part of us that knows the real truth about who and what we are. It's just some of us have lived the lies for so long that we refuse to let them go and look at the real truth.
    There is no fear to be had, no guilt to bring us down, no judgement that matters. Some of us are so worried about what someone else may think of us that we live by those standards, choosing not to honor what our own inner guidance system would have us to do. That includes our parents, our spouses, our children, our best friends, our family. We are the Soul, each sovereign to ourselves, yet part of the whole. We have never been separate from our Source Energy/God, we only thought we were.
     So what I am saying is find your truth. Live your truth. What truth? The truth that sets your free. Living a life that brings you joy and bliss. When we are feeling anything other than bliss and happiness we are not in alignment with out inner guidance system or source energy. Sometimes we have to clear a path and we do this by seeing what we do want in life, down to the very last detail and then we let that image go, so that the universe can go about bringing to us that which we are vibrating with. If we allow ourselves to set and pout and dwell on what we don't want that is what we are going to get, because that is what we are vibrating with.
    Your inner teacher knows already that which will bring you all the happiness, joy, bliss, abundance and prosperity that you heart desires, when you feel those pangs in your emotions, stop and think about it. What did you just say, think or do? Mindful living is that, mindful. Listen to yourself in all ways and find the balance for your mind, body, and spirit. Ask the part of yourself that is closet to God for assistance. Ask the Angels to intervene. Ask.
    Be the love that you are. Love yourself, love others, show compassion. It is who we are! Spread those big beautiful wings!

Love and light with the brightest blessings, your friend, Sherri

Loving our 4 legged friends

Loving our 4 legged friends
Me and Iris